Company Overview
At The Gardner School, we have created a rich learning environment that will stimulate your child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth. We believe that each child should be provided with experiences that enhance self-esteem, which is essential in the adjusting, exploring and growing stages of child development. This approach ensures that each child’s learning experience will be nurtured at the proper pace, and will give them a strong educational foundation for a bright future.

Our Teachers

At The Gardner School, we take great pride in building a well-educated, well-trained, caring and motivating team of support. We ensure that all teachers meet the qualification set by each state, as well as passing stringent background screenings, health screenings and a thorough review of personal references. With extensive training, orientation and continuing education programs, we develop and train the total teacher, so that children are sharing their days with TGS-trained learning advocates.

All lead teachers are required to have a four-year degree in early childhood education or a closely related field, and they are carefully selected based on their education, previous teaching experience and ability to bond and effectively communicate with their students. Above all, we choose faculty members who love the early childhood profession and have a strong, positive curiosity about life that sparks confidence and joy in those around them. This high standard is one of many that sets TGS apart.

Each day, you child will interact with his or her lead teacher, who will stay with the classroom for continuity and consistency. With a faculty of teacher’s assistants and constant support from the school leadership team, kitchen manager and enrichment program teachers, we have a large team of confident, capable faculty members to ensure that your child’s day progresses smoothly.
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